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To Which Ministry of Marriage Family do You Belong?


Read the family descriptions here, or take this fun questionnaire to decide:

When a certain gentleman proposes to you, do you:
Give an enigmatic smile.
Refuse to believe he's earnest, slap his face and stomp away.
Look down your nose at him and tell him to start over. And do the thing properly this time!
If someone catches you in a compromising situation, do you:
Talk your way out of it.
Threaten them with death if they breathe a word.
Put on your haughtiest expression and make them feel as if *they* are the ones in the wrong.
When attending your first ball in Society, it is important to:
Flirt desperately with every gentleman except the one you care for.
Locate the nearest exit.
Avoid rakes...they have the uncanny power to make one forget one's principles.
Waltzing is...
A world of opportunity—gentlemen are so malleable when a lady is in their arms.
Shockingly delicious.
The correct thing to say when a devastatingly attractive rake makes a scandalous proposition is...
"I have a better idea..."
Nothing. Let your pistol do the talking.
[Blushing] "Don't be ridiculous! Do you know who I am?"