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Thank you to Readers & Update
Thursday, September 5th, 2013

book-signing-11jpgI wanted to thank everyone who has reviewed LONDON’S LAST TRUE SCOUNDREL or written to me directly to tell me they enjoyed Davenport’s and Hilary’s story.

The book was a lot of fun to write and I’ve enjoyed sharing laughter over the incorrigible Davenport and the prim Miss deVere with you.

To answer some questions I’ve been getting a lot, Beckenham’s book, THE GREATEST LOVER EVER is out on December 31 in the States (not entirely sure what date in Australia but it might be January). Then Xavier’s book THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE is out in July 2014. There is a blurb up on Goodreads but as I’m writing this story as we speak, that is — ahem! — subject to change.

Also, Lydgate is due to get a book after that, but it might be that his book kicks off a new series. I don’t want to say too much about that yet but that’s a little tidbit even my editor doesn’t know ;)

And finally, the Duke of Montford and Lady Arden’s story is percolating in my mind and will be told one day. Stay tuned for news on that front.

So that’s it for now! Back to the writing cave…